Or will it make you roll over from laughter?

Drinking and driving is NOT a laughing matter, but Oregon officials have come up with a light-hearted way to reminding Monday partiers they need to hand over the keys if they're taking in too much green beer.

Part of the campaign to get intoxicated motorists off the road,   the "Designate O' Driver" campaign reminds drivers to smart about getting behind the wheel.

While St. Patrick's Day has not been known for large amounts of intoxicated drivers or accidents, the National Highway Traffic Safety Commission says between 2007 and 2011 some 269 people were killed nationally by drunk drivers on the holiday.

In Oregon over the same period, there have been 4 fatalities on St. Patrick's Day, 2 alcohol related.    Oregon State Patrol Major Travis Hampton said Thursday:

"If you celebrate St. Patrick's Day, or on any other day, just be smart about it. If you know you are going to drink alcohol - whether with friends at a pub or attending a local event or party - designate your sober driver ahead of time, use alternative transportation, or call a taxi to make sure you get home."

There will be emphasis patrols all over the state, and in Washington as well.

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