Ok, we don't get the big tornadoes like those forecast for parts of Texas and Oklahoma (the central and southern plains) this weekend, and into next week.  But we DO occasionally get our share of freak weather.  Would you be prepared?

The worst weather we get in the Mid-Columbia is occasional thunderstorms and especially windy conditions.  In the winter, we do get black ice on the roads, and sometimes hard snowstorms.  But it is still good to be prepared for emergency conditions.  No, we don't get tornadoes.

  From time to time we do have power outages, mostly related to wind issues.   It's a good idea to have an emergency preparedness kit with medical supplies, water, and food at home--food that doesn't depend upon your refrigerator.  Doesn't hurt to have a home generator either!    It's especially good in the winter to have an emergency kit in your vehicle for winter travel.  It should include blankets, water, road flares, and of course, don't travel without a cellphone.

  In case of local emergencies, it's also good to have handy information from Local Emergency Service outlets.   Whether it's at home, or in your car, make sure you have emergency supplies to ensure your safety because you just never know when Mother Nature will throw us a curve ball!

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