According to Inside Radio (IR), it's something that's never been done, at least in the 'modern' era of automobiles.

In the never ending effort to provide a 'bare bones' stripped down vehicle for those who are really economy minded, the new for 2019 Audi base level A1 Sportback will have you thinking about Simon and Garfunkel's (or the very cool remake by Disturbed) "The Sounds of Silence."

IR reports this bare bones model of SUV will not only come without a radio of any kind, it won't have speakers either! It will come with power locks and windows, but that's about it. Supposedly it's targeted at the consumer who wants the "luxury" name but on a budget.

Many automotive reports say this vehicle is picked over til it's a "shadow of it's former self."  Based upon initial reports, it's only being sold in Germany and Europe for now. Many U.S. experts don't think it will wind up here, especially given American's desire for their music and information on the radio. At least 82% of Americans of all ages listen to some form of radio in their vehicles, whether AM or FM.

The price tag? Just over $25,000.  In our opinion, that's hardly a budget price considering how stripped down this model is. They should have at least included a mini fridge for that price!

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