According to information released by PEMCO Insurance and, Monday's solar eclipse will be the first one to be seen across the entire U.S. since 1917.

The website shows a map of the band of totality, or the area where people will be plunged into total nighttime darkness.  Besides Oregon, which is expected to see up to 1 million visitors (according to the Oregon State Department of Transportation), the band stretches across Idaho, Wyoming and the Midwest.

In fact, here are the cities and towns that will experience 100 totality:

  • Salem, OR
  • Idaho Falls, ID
  • Casper, Wyoming
  • St. Louis MO
  • Nashville, TN
  • Bowling Green, Kentucky
  • Charleston and Columbia, South Carolina.

Madras, Oregon is the very first place in the U.S. where people will experience total darkness. In fact, the Warm Springs Native American Reservation is doing the "experience of a lifetime" helicopter VIP Camping Permit...It will set you back a cool $80,000!

BUT here's what you get: Seven of them were sold, and those people will be taken by chopper to the side of Mount Jefferson, the second highest peak in Oregon. They will be allowed to watch the darkness first, and the elevation will provide what Native American officials say will be a stunning view. They will be allowed to camp for a limited time, and will also include some other goodies.

Folks in Oregon have been preparing for this for two years, since it was first announced the event would be happening. People are even stocking up on food, water and supplies and fuel, as they anticipate the crush of tourists will deplete supplies.

Don't blow your budget though, just join us Monday, 9am at the Port of Pasco, at 9am, for our viewing. And keep listening to our stations ,1027KORD, 98.3TheKey, 97Rock, HOT975 and Newstalk870, and watching our social media to get your free eclipse glasses!  By 10:05 am Tri-Cities and surrounding area will experience 96% totality, or darkness. Join us!


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