The new Washington State marijuana stores might not be in your backyard, but they will have to go somewhere!

With the passing if I-502, and the state Liquor Control Board (LCB) announcing they are seeking to hire a pot expert to help set up the system, one of the logical questions will be, where will the stores be located? It's a serious question that needs to be asked.

Before the closing of the Washington State Liquor Store system, there were laws prohibiting stores from being located too close to schools. Because most of the stores were located in shopping centers, this wasn't a problem.

We are treading into uncharted waters here. Federal laws have said medical marijuana dispensaries cannot be any closer than 1,000 feet from a school or playground.

What will teshe presence of a marijuana store do to the real estate value and visitation of businesses close by? We are NOT saying everyone who will make use of the new state pot stores is unsavory. However, and police and criminal records prove this, marijuana and drugs DO attract an element that not every business owner wants to have hanging around -- putting it mildly. Act offended if you must, but it's a reality.

Despite the marijuana bill passing, there are still tens of thousands of Washingtonians who do not agree with the entire process, or the recreational use of the drug. Would having a marijuana store (even if it's state-run and well kept) near or next to a business hurt traffic?  What will the state laws be as to where they can and cannot be located? Will zones be created for such stores?

Take our poll. Would you want a pot store anywhere near your home, neighborhood, or business?

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