We’re at the point where If we cannot change the current trajectory of disease by changing our behavior, we will have to take actions that will hurt our economy and no one wants to do that again."--Washington State Chief Health Officer Kathy Lofy.

Issuing what appeared to be thinly veiled threats to citizens, multiple WSDOH and county health officials blasted the public this week in a press conference-WSDOH briefing about COVID cases rising.

According to the WSDOH, they refer to the rise in cases in our state (especially the West side) as an explosion. Health Secretary John Wiesman said this:

 “We don’t want this to take a toll on our state economy and on our people, so we need everybody pulling to flatten the curve once again.”

Snohomish County Health Officer Dr. Chris Spitters put it even more strongly:

“Holding gatherings is a threat to all, Just stop it. Plain and simple just stop the gatherings. We are deeply concerned about an impending crisis and you should be concerned too.”

State health officials offered this advice if you actually want to celebrate the holiday.

  • Hold it outside
  • limit it to five people or fewer
  • consider a full quarantine for two weeks prior to event
  • make it only with people you live with

It is uncertain what effect these threats-warnings will have on citizens, including the flatten the curve warning.  The flatten-the-curve argument has been put out multiple times after the public was first told to do it back in March-April.

The comments by some health officials about overwhelmed medical facilities is also curious, since the 11-10-2020 Benton Franklin Health District report shows another drop in COVID related hospitalizations. Of the 338 people in our four hospitals in the counties, 33, or 9.8 percent, are there with COVID or COVID like symptoms.

To see the BFHD report click on the button below.

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