The Washington State Department of Transportation needs your VOTE.

Your help is appreciated in naming the 4th tow plow to join the fleet. In the spirit of the NCAA Basketball Final 4, WSDOT narrowed down their Sweet 16 to their Final 4.

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WSDOT opened up voting for the name of its newest plow on March 11th through the 18th. The public voted via Twitter and Facebook. The winner of each poll now advances.

The Final 4 names are:

Betty Whiteout, Plowsasaurus Rex, Plow Chicka Plow Plow, and Darth Blader.

The tow plow is joining the fleet of The Big Leplowski, Sir Plows-A-Lot, and Plowie McPlow Plow.


What is a Tow Plow?

According to WSDOT:

The Tow Plow is a towable trailer that attaches to the back of a snowplow truck. The driver of a snowplow truck can then operate the Tow Plow by using a hydraulic wheel system to slide the Tow Plow out to the right side of the truck at an angle of roughly 60 degrees. Once extended out to the side of the truck, a 26-foot plow blade attached to the Tow Plow can be lowered onto the road to clear snow and ice from a second lane of travel at the same time as the plow truck. The Tow Plow is also fitted with a granular hopper with a small liquid tank to dispense deicing material onto the road.

You're invited to cast your vote below.

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