Only in Seattle would charges of sexism and racism be tossed around when it comes to voting for a proposed new sports arena. But it has.

One week ago, the City Council voted by a 5-4 margin to reject a street vacation petition related to a proposed downtown sports arena that could bring back the NBA, or possibly an NHL team to Seattle. Investor Chris Hansen and his team have been trying to push through the facility, which would be built in the downtown SODO district, not that far from Safeco Field and Century Link stadiums.

In order to receive a master permit to proceed with the proposal, the City would have to agree to vacate or abandon a street that would be absorbed as part of the facility and parking. The council, for the first time in city history, voted along gender lines. The five women on the council voted no, the four men, yes.

A storm of controversial and angry emails, social media posts, and phone calls to local sports stations exploded, prompting the women on the council to claim they were victims of racism and gender bias.

Many of the angry citizens said the women voted against the vacate because they're against sports in general, insinuating women don't like sports. Councilwoman Sally Bagshaw, the most vocal opponent to the new arena, said this:

"We're not going to put up that kind of sexist comments. We're not going to be put up with racist comments. We're not going to put up with the kind of ageist comments we're seeing from a certain presidential candidate."

That's quite a stretch, reaching from addressing comments about a sports arena to lumping them in with Donald Trump, but again, this is Seattle.

From the city that's given Washington state a $15 minimum wage, to helping pass legalized pot, to transgender bathrooms, we now give you yet another reason the Emerald City is losing its mind.

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