GOP State Senator Barbara Bailey wants your opinion on how tax dollars should be spent on transportation.

While Gov. Inslee and the legislature approved the package of tax breaks and other incentives to try to keep Boeing's 777x project in Everett,   they did NOT come up with a transportation package.   GOP leaders had hinted if Inslee dropped any and all pursuit of a controversial cap-and-trade policy,  they would possibly support an $.11.5 cent-per-gallon gas tax to fund road and highway projects, and other transportation needs.

Senator Bailey's website details what happened in Olympia, and what legislators are looking at:

'With very short notice, a couple weeks ago Governor Inslee called lawmakers back to a special session.  The reason was to work on a couple of priorities that Boeing wanted the Legislature to pass in order for them to be willing to locate the production of the next generation 777X airplane in Washington.  One of those priorities we passed through the Legislature.

The other priority was a Transportation package.  However, many of us in the Legislature did not want to rush something so important as a transportation package in a short special session, whether or not the Governor or Boeing pushed for one.  So we did not pass any package."

So now Senator Bailey, who is part of the "Coalition" of  23 GOP and 2 Democratic leaders who control the senate, want YOUR opinion on what a priority when it comes to transportation and the budget.

It is your tax dollars, and the state is facing numerous projects that do need funding.  How that money gets spent is decided in large part by public input.  Click on the button below to take the survey, and have your voice heard.