Seattle commuters already face numerous challenges, due to congestion and other factors. Now, light rail commuters will be delayed even more.

Officials say a heavily-used section of light rail is sinking

According to, a two-week delay will be coming, beginning August 12th, as crews try to fix sinking rail tracks.

The section of track between SODO (south of downtown) and Capitol Hill station will be closed for repairs. City officials say the tracks in some areas are sinking, and when it rains, there is significant puddling and actual pools of deeper than normal water.

According to

"The track at Royal Brougham Way needs to be reconstructed because soil conditions are causing the track alignment to sink, and create a buildup of puddles in the depression."

Officials did not offer specific data as to how far the tracks have sunk into the soil, but it will cause significant delays.

However, the city did say the issue is "urgent" and requires immediate attention. Buses will be used to shuttle passengers between the two affected points, for those who would normally ride the light rail.

City officials told commuters to expect at least half-hour delays or add 30 minutes to their commute time because of the repairs.

In addition, when this track is fixed, other delays will come at the Othello and Rainier Stations, where cracked ceiling tiles are creating a hazard for passengers in the station.


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