Had an opportunity to try some of the incredible chicken from yummymeats.com here in Tri-Cities. They're known for delicious cuts of meat, from steak, seafood, chicken and more. It's all tightly vacuum packed (unlike some others) and it cooks up like a dream.

We took some Italian spiced chicken home, and after serving up the first few in the traditional baking way, we decided to get out the crock pot and try some different additions. Ok, call me weird, but we added some BBQ sauce and Mesquite smoky spice.  These videos go through  the process, show you how we did it.  Turned out VERY tasty!

What we did NOT get on video was my slicing the tip of my thumb pointing the knife the wrong way while preparing to open the package. But that was operator error.

To find out more about their great variety of packages available, and cooking ideas, call (509)-585-2690 or go to yummymeats.com.  Your taste buds will thank you!



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