Starting Wednesday July 1st, information will begin to be released to the public and media about the lengthy investigation into the shooting of Antonio Zambrano, who was fatally shot after throwing rocks at police and traffic in February near 10th. and Lewis. Attempts to subdue him with a Tazer failed when he pulled the splines out of his arm and continued to resist officers before fleeing.

Prosecutor Sean Sant met with the family and attorneys Tuesday, and the family said they were upset it took 7 weeks to interview three officers directly involved in the shooting.  The family said they will continue to seek "justice" for Zambrano in the case that has garnered national attention. There were other issues they had about information contained in the initial report releases.

It is not known if the report contains information or answers to the following questions, which were asked by Special Investigation Unit officers at the beginning of the inquiry months ago:

*Where was Zambrano for nearly two weeks prior to the shooting?  Shortly after the SIU was convened, team officials said (at that time) his whereabouts were completely unknown and they were having difficulty in finding out where he was living. During a press conference announcing the forming of the SIU, officials said they absolutely no information about where Zambrano had been the last two weeks prior to the incident.

*Was he under the influence of any drugs prior to or during the incident? Zambrano previously was arrested after assaulting Pasco police and resisting arrest in January 2014. Officers responded to a call about a man hitting cars with a broomstick in a Pasco neighborhood, and when confronted, Zambrano attempted to fight the officers and grab one of their guns. Zambrano admitted he has used drugs when he was taken to an area hospital for erratic behavior after being arrested.

Another tough, uncomfortable question many are hoping the report might shed light on is, why his relatives appeared to have very little contact with him or knowledge of his whereabouts for some time prior to the shooting, but are now being very front-and-center about seeking justice.