Citations will be made, even arrests made, if you are tooling around here in a vehicle.

Benton County Deputies are now patrolling an area formerly popular with off-roaders, partyers and others.

The area is west of the rock quarry on Kennedy road, on the north side of the road, and west of Lost Lake and South of Highway 224.  This area was just rezoned by the Department of Natural Resources, in part because a winery vineyard has been planted in part of the area.

The new zoning laws now prohibit any motorized vehicles except for the farm workers. Deputies just recently busted an underage drinking party in the area, with some arrests. Officials say you can still bike or walk through this area (pictured in yellow in the photo) but you can't drive into it.

Deputies say if you pay attention there's plenty of signage posted warning drivers to keep vehicles out. The difference is, now you'll get cited for it.

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