Get ready for a bit of a road trip, if you plan to be a client of the legal weed stores.

Many shop owners didn't get their approval to open until either late Sunday evening, or the early hours Monday.    Some 24 stores are expected to open today.

There are three in Spokane, one in Prosser, and if those don't suit you, you could visit the High Time Station in Ephrata.   The next closest store is in East Wenatchee, or in Union Gap, you could visit Verde Valley.   BUT with the moratoriums and bans on Yakima County, it's not likely Verde Valley will open soon.

Officials are a long way from the Liquor Control Board's eventual goal of 300 pot stores statewide.    They say to expect long lines, shortages, and HIGH prices - pun intended.

The owner of the only shop set to open in Seattle today didn't plan to crack the doors until noon.  He said "you have to know your audience - stoners".   Fat chance of them getting out of bed at 5am.

Hope you're proud, voters, really proud.