A 70-year old man is in the Benton County jail, facing allegations of child molestation.

Kennewick police said Wednesday Vernon D. Gillet was arrested after a July 27th call to 7322 West Bonnie Place about a child molestation allegation.

Police learned during the investigation, numerous other female children between the ages of 3 and 13 were allegedly inappropriately touched and molested by Gillet.   He reportedly made contact with the victims, using handwritten notes, and ask for sex in exchange for money and gifts.

Police have also linked him to molestation incidents in Adams, Yakima and Walla Walla counties - besides this Kennewick allegation.   Police did not specify how many incidents he is linked to.

The investigation led to Gillet's arrest August 12th.   Kennewick police are asking anyone with any information about Gillet or possibly related incidents to contact the police department at (509)-586-TIPS (8477),  Tri-Cities Crime Stoppers.

The investigation is still active and open.