It's become of the cult-following television shows on Nat Geo TV.  Are you one of them?

More than Duck Dynasty, or Walking Dead,  people will religiously watch Doomsday Preppers, but not necessarily admit to it!

The show showcases Americans who believe at some point, our economy and/or nation will collapse, or we will be done in by a natural disaster or catastrophe.   So, they have been preparing for the 'end times' by stocking up on food, weapons, and supplies to survive.   Some have built bunkers, others portable homes that can be quickly moved and set up in case of emergency.   They live across the United States,  from all walks of life.

Their Facebook page has nearly 200,000 likes!   Now in it's second season, the show averages just about one million viewers per episode, some as high as 1.5 million.   It has huge ratings among men who make up 60% of it's viewers, their average age is 44.

What WE want to know is, are YOU a Doomsday Prepper?    It's ok to admit it, take our ten question poll.   If you answer yes to three or fewer questions, you're probably just curious.  If you check yes on 3 to 7 questions, you're leaning that way.   If you say yes to 7 or more, you're ready for a call from National Geographic to be on the show.

It's completely anonymous, so watch the show and take the poll!