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UW Medical Breakthrough Could Detect Ovarian Cancer at Home
There are DNA and other methods of screening for certain types of cancers, including Ovarian, which strikes at least one out of every 70 women in America.
But now, researchers at the University of Washington have come up with a home test that can perhaps even go beyond some other testing methods...
Walla Walla County Facing Air Quality, Stagnation Alert
Starting Wednesday August 1, until further notice, Walla Walla County is going to be under an Air Quality Awareness Advisory.
Officials say it's classified as "yellow" on Department of Ecology mapping systems, meaning moderate issues expected, but enough to offer advice to thos…
Franklin County Joins Opiod Lawsuit Against Manufacturers
Among the many local, county and other governmental agencies (and entities) who've joined a federal lawsuit against opioid manufacturers now includes Franklin County.
The lawsuit claims makers of such drugs as Oxycontin and others have created the 'worst man-made epidemic' in history.

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