This weekend Newstalk 870 shared an exclusive interview with Benton County Sheriff Steve Keane.

If you missed it Saturday and Sunday at 5 p.m. don't despair! We've got some of the big highlights of the discussion we had about gun control.

As you've probably heard, sheriffs around the country are becoming the last line of defense for citizens and their Second Amendment rights. We asked Sheriff Keane a number of questions about recent gun control legislation. Click on the audio player to hear Sheriff Keane's responses.

Newstalk 870: "What are your thoughts on the now-dead Senate Bill 5737, which would have mandated annual household gun storage inspections by county sheriffs in Washington state?"

Newstalk 870: -"Would SB 5737, or any bill like it, put sheriffs in a difficult position to try to enforce?"

Newstalk 870: "Do you believe sheriffs are being put in a difficult position between 2nd. Amendment rights and new gun legislation that could infringe on the constitution?"

Newstalk 870: "What are your thoughts on Obama's 23 Executive Orders about guns?"

Newstalk 870: "What are your thoughts on some sheriffs stating they won't enforce any pending or future laws that they believe conflict with the Second Amendment?"

Newstalk 870: "What are your thoughts on semi-automatic weapons? Are they as big a problem as some in the media are making them out to be?"