Massive Pileup Near Pasco Sends 1 To Hospital, Six Vehicles Involved
Washington State Patrol officers have not yet determined what caused the six-vehicle accordion crash around 11am Monday, but at least one person was taken to an area hospital.
WSP says the crash involved five cars and a semi, and occurred in the southbound lanes of Highway 395 not far from Court stre…
Pasco Street Racer Destroys Car After Hitting School Bus
Details are emerging now about the two car street race that resulted in one car being destroyed and the driver ending up in the hospital.
Pasco police say two street racers were eastbound on A street, approaching Elm. A Pasco school bus with no students on board was preparing to turn left, also east,…
West Richland Police–This Truck Ready for Chariot Race?
The things that some people do to their vehicles, well, it's interesting. The West Richland police department posted some information on their Facebook page about what's legal and what's not.
According to the officer, he was on his way to have tires replaced on his personal vehicle whe…
Would YOU Buy a Car With No Radio OR Speakers? Audi is Building One
According to Inside Radio (IR), it's something that's never been done, at least in the 'modern' era of automobiles.
In the never ending effort to provide a 'bare bones' stripped down vehicle for those who are really economy minded, the new for 2019 Audi base level A1 Sportback will have you thinking …

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