5 Ways to Spot If You’re Being Ripped Off With Car Repairs
Especially with summer arriving, we travel, and need to make sure the vehicle is working well.
Consumer Reports says there's five tips that can help you discern if just maybe you're being ripped off.
1) compare your vehicle's schedule maintenance recommendations in the owner's manu…
What Are THE Most Annoying New Car Tech Features?
We see glitzy trendy car ads on TV, where the drivers appear to effortlessly utilize the technology they come with. Hands-free this, digital that etc.
But according to a new study published in Forbes Magazine and also released by PEMCO Insurance, many Americans have had it up to HERE with new car tec…
Attorney General Sues Over Rolling Back Fuel Mileage Standards
After some 44 years of increasing demands for miles per gallon, the Trump Administration and EPA are rolling back what are called CAFE standards, because the most recent goals are deemed unreachable by many auto makers. The new standards would require cars and light-duty trucks-vans to achieve 54 mp…

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