Excessive Speed Triggers Injury Roundabout Crash
Early Friday morning, Kennewick police and the Washington State Patrol say excessive speed was likely the cause of an injury accident in the roundabout near Steptoe and Columbia Park Trail.
Officers say the vehicle entered the offramp at a high rate of speed southbound from 240, towards Columbia Park…
Distinctive Stolen Truck Should be Easy to Spot, Say Cops
According to authorities, this rather distinctive truck was nabbed from it's owner July 9, from the parking lot of Space Age on Highway 207 south of Hermiston.
It was taken in broad daylight. The primer black isn't that unusual, but the wheels do make it stand out...
Hondas The New “Hot” Car to be Stolen in Tri-Cities
The East side of Kennewick is turning into a new 'hotbed' for stolen Hondas. It's a well known fact that for years, several of the most stolen cars in the U.S. are Hondas. But now  Kennewick police say it's rising.
Since June 18 and July 9, no fewer than 10 Preludes and 1990&…

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