Weird News

Fred Meyer Arsonist Will Spend Over 4 Years in Jail
Remember that guy who set fire to an aisle in the Richland Fred Meyer back in January?
Well, he's going to spend nearly 4 1/2 years in prison for his act, he set the blaze to cover up and distract from him stealing a Playstation gaming system...
Happy Winter Solstice…Umm What Is Winter Solstice?
Winter solstice officially occurs at 2:23 pm today and this will be the shortest day of the year or the day with the shortest amount of daylight of the year. Good news the daylight hours will start to increase's what winter solstice really is...
Whoops! Suspect Leaves Needles, Drug ‘Tools’ on BFT Bus
Richland police are attempting to ID this guy and locate him, because of what he left on a Ben Franklin Transit bus the other day.
Most of the time, people leave packages, coats, phones and other such items on buses or in cabs, but in this case what was left behind will likely land him in jail...

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