A Finley Middle School student is in the Benton County Juvenile Justice Center after allegedly authoring a "death list" with student and staff names on it.

Thursday, Benton County Sheriffs and Finley School officials were alerted to the list. They did not offer specific details, only that the list was discovered on campus. It contained the names of some 50 students and teachers. Officials did not say if other personal information was included. They also did not say if the student was a boy or girl.

Authorities said all parents have been contacted and made aware of the situation. The student reportedly in possession has been expelled indefinitely. Principal Mike Harrington said there is no immediately threat to the student body, educators or their families.

School officials have asked students and others to refrain from discussing it on social networking sites because it is an official police matter. Finley School District also issued the following statement:

On behalf of Finley Middle School, I want to ensure parents that every precaution is being taken to ensure their children's safety."