Despite heavy rain in Vermont, upstate New York, and areas of Pennsylvania and New England,  forecasters now say they misjudged the inner workings of Irene.

Not to downplay the rain in Vermont--it is epic and tragic. But for the total scope of Irene,  weather forecasters admit now, as do Federal Officials, that they misjudged the internal makeup of Irene.  She was a terrifying storm that blew through the Bahamas, but by the time she reached the US,  the core of the storm had weakened, and  weather conditions  from the US that 'collided' with the front modified and weakened Irene.  When she stalled, she dumped rain all over the NE, but some of the precipitation came from other fronts as well.    The bad part of this is that with all the over-reaction, people will be less inclined to believe news of severe weather the next time it comes around...the 'chicken little' effect.