According to Forbes Magazine, you might be surprised which careers are rated the least satisfying.,  a company that rates satisfaction with jobs, careers, and keeps an watch on employment trends, has released a new study detailing the "unhappiest" jobs in America.   The data used to create the report came from over 100,000 employee-written reviews and critiques of their own job and career field.  The study was performed between February 2011 and this January.

According to   and Forbes,  the unhappiest careers include:

  • #5 (tie) Program Manager
  • #5  (tie) Product Manager
  • #4 Sales Engineer
  • #3 Teacher
  • #2 Registered Nurse
  • and #1---Security Officer (not policeman)

While some might not be a surprise, we at Newstalk 870 found nursing to be surprising.   Security Guard or officer is not that much of a stretch, as often times these workers are subjected to late night and sometimes dangerous jobs, while not having the authority (or sometimes respect) of a legal law officer.  You might remember just a few years ago - and especially in the 80's and 90's - on many of those cheesy police shows,  the security guard was always the guy who got  "offed"  when the initial crimes were committed.

What about your job?  We have included some other careers that were not included in the article.  We don't assume these are unhappy, but want your opinion on other jobs - happy or unhappy? Take the poll.