A music festival over the weekend turned deadly for dozens of music fans.

The Paradiso Electronic Music Festival saw at least 72 of its attendees end up in various medical centers around the region. Most were taken to Quincy Valley Hospital and some to Central Washington Hospital in Wenatchee. They appeared to be under the influence of what is called "molly," a cocktail made up of several drugs including Ecstasy.   Often, consumers can show different symptoms.

One concertgoer, 21-year-old Patrick Witkowski, died from drug and alcohol complications. He was a recent graduate of WSU.

Hospital officials described the condition of the patients brought in as ranging from bizarre, physically confrontational and angry to others who were unconscious and had to be put on breathing tubes. This was attributed largely to the effects of the "molly" drugs.

Officials described the scene at some of the hospitals as being like a war zone, with staff and facilities overwhelmed with patients suffering from overdoses.