He parked his car on the side of the road,  got out, and stomped off, leaving 79-year-old woman in car for 2 hours.

Oregon State Patrol authorities report a happy ending to the confrontation that occurred Tuesday on Interstate 84 by Pendleton.   Shortly after 4:30pm, troopers responded to a report of the woman sitting in the car by herself on the shoulder.

Turns out, he had become angry during an argument, parked and walked off!   Umatilla County Search and Rescue was dispatched, and a Life Flight Emergency chopper at the Pendleton airport was dispatched to look for him.

He had left the freeway in an area Northeast of town which has numerous hills and steep draws, or canyon-like terrain.   His wife had voiced  concern as the unidentified man suffered from a heart condition, and as night was approaching, was not dressed for cold weather.

After a two hour search, he was located by the chopper, and found to be ok and uninjured.   Oregon State police said the two were reunited, and to complete the successful ending, no charges or arrests were made.

Perhaps the next time they get in a fight, the should do it at home...!