Hurry, while supplies last, free Slurpees for 7-11 day!

Hop on down to the 7-11 on Clearwater, and enjoy a free Slurpee today until 7PM.    7-11 is putting out special 7.11 ounce treat cups today to celebrate 7-11 day.   July 11th marks the 83rd. birthday of the grandfather of American convenience stores.    7-11 was the first prototype of the multi-product late hour convenience store.

    People may remember the reason they call it 7-11, because it opened at 7am and closed at 11pm.  Back then, that was considered revolutionary.   We recall, growing up,  the sidewalks in Tri-Cities would fold up (back in the late 60's and early 70's) but 7-11 was open later than anybody.    So we celebrate 7-11 day, and hurry to the following locations for your free Slurpee!

*Kennewick--3606 W. Clearwater

*Pasco--1504 W. Sylvester;  4313 W. Court

*Richland--1540 Jadwin;  415 Wright Ave.