Another example of political correctness melting the brains of so-called educators.   The  Ft. Worth school district has banned visits from Santa, as well as student gift exchanges.

According to the school district,  as reported by Fox News' Todd Starnes:


The Fort Worth Independent School District also banned students exchanging Christmas gifts after they determined that public schools could no longer “endorse or sponsor any religious activity or doctrine.”

A spokesman for the school district told Fox News & Commentary that “in an effort to be politically correct” teachers are not allowed to “post something that would foster or promote or impugn one doctrine or religion over another – or even give that impression.”

Wow...!    the school, however, perhaps responding to an outcry from parents and the community, said such activities could be held before or after school hours, and as long as they have an educational element to them. So,  chalk up another lump of coal for the Ft. Worth School District.