Hot bed story brewing in Nevada, where a  Douglas County man applied for a license plate that would read "GoPalin" but had it rejected on the grounds it was "vulgar or obscene, or expressing superiority of political affiliation".  That according to the same Nevada DMV that allowed the following plates:

GOGREEN, DMOCRAT, EDWARDS, CLINTON, ALGORE, and yes, GoObama. James Linlor has sued the Nevada DMV for discriminating against his rights to express his political views.  He filed complaints with the DMV as far back as 2009, was rejected.  He has also tried to, in 2010, get the plates PALIN, PALIN12 and PALIN16 but was rejected.  Bruce Breslow, director of the Nevada DMV says, the GOPALIN plate was already issued in December 2010, but he would not have refused to issue the others.  He says it is an administrative issue, and decisions about what plates are allowed and which ones are not are often left up to local DMV officials who try to interpret their codes and conduct.   The Nevada DMV is largely up against the wall, and experts believe Linlor's request will be granted (and others) because the DMV has issued plates championing liberal political figures.  Linlor claims in his lawsuit that as a "test" to the Nevada DMV, he then asked about getting a "GoObama" plate, which he says they happily agreed to.  This should get interesting!