The Obama Administration had pledged to add 5 million 'green jobs' to the nation's economy after he took office, but so far that is falling far short.

In yet another blow to the White House's green energy initiative, a Colorado based green energy research firm is shedding jobs-despite receiving  200 million in stimulus funds.  The National Renewable Energy Lab in Golden CO, announced up to ten percent of their workforce will be cut. NREL officials blame Congressional gridlock for forcing them to find additional outside funding.  The lab's mission is to perform research and development for the US Department of Energy.  Critics of the lab say it has not produced the results promised by the 64% surge in Federal Funding it has received under Obama, and reflects the overall failure of the green initiative to provide workable, viable, and affordable forms of alternative energy; as well as permanent jobs that are not propped up by the government and taxpayer dollars.