With school starting next week in the Mid-Columbia and everywhere else, the Pasco Police department has released a handy guide to help drivers keep kids safe, and not get a ticket!

Courtesy of their Facebook page, this picture shows the proper and legal way to stop when a school bus is loading or unloading children at a bus stop.

 On a two lane road, all traffic both ways must stop, Even oncoming. On a four lane, traffic behind the bus must stop, but opposite direction can still proceed, because it's not likely children will be crossing a four lane road. That's usually done at crosswalks on four lanes.

Remember: fines can be double in school zones, and for infractions committed around buses. Drivers are trained to spot your license number, and the tickets aren't cheap!

You can't, under any circumstances, go around a bus that has it's red lights flashing and stop sign deployed.  Keep the kids safe this school year!