Thanks to the sharp eyes of several witnesses, police were able to apprehend the suspect.

Just before noon Sunday a car parked alongside Rainier St. near West Fourth in Kennewick was struck by another passing vehicle, causing significant damage.  A person sitting inside the parked vehicle was injured, but the suspect fled the scene.

Thanks to witness descriptions and reports,  authorities were later able to arrest 29-year-old Eric John King in Pasco.  Even though his vehicle sustained severe front-end damage and the passenger-side airbag deployed, he still drove away.  Witnesses reported his reckless driving in the area.  He was spotted and arrested near West Court St. and 48th. in Pasco, and was arrested without incident.

He's facing Hit and Run-Injury charges.  The victim in the car, 27-year-old Angelica Mendoza, was treated by paramedics at the scene, it is not known if she was taken to the hospital.