While we all feel frustration over $4.00 a gallon gas, this probably is NOT the best way to deal with the situation.

CBS Los Angeles reports theives in Pasadena made off with over 528 gallons of gas from a Mobil station early monday morning.  Surveillance video shows the station was apparently closed, and the men were able to somehow trigger the pump to turn on with some sort of credit card type device.  They loaded the fuel onto a flatbed truck.  The fuel has an estimated retail value in exess of $2,000.    The four men are believed to be responsible for a similar theft in nearby Studio City CA recently, where they got away with a whopping 1,700 gallons.  Do the math, at a conservative $4.00 a gallon for CA, that's $6,800 worth of fuel.   CBS LA did not report if police have any leads or information on the suspects other than what was captured on security cameras.