WashingtonVotes.org has released the "performances" of our elected officials.  Who did a good job?

The Washington Policy Center revealed today that the latest report card is in on legislators from our state.

  WashingtonVotes.org is a comprehensive website that allows you to see the voting records and performance of legislators from your district as well as searching their votes by topics, such as "taxes" and more.

The make it even easier to access, the Washington Policy Center has prepared a list of all the state legislators and how many votes they missed during this latest legislative session.   We all know it's important for citizens voices to be heard when it comes to the many issues being considered in Olympia.

The issue of voting records by legislators became a spotlight issue during the first presidential race in 2008, when the vast number of "present" votes cast by former legislator Barrack Obama were brought to light.    Legislators who miss key votes deprive their constituents of an important voice.

How did our local and regional legislators do?   Check out the list by clicking on the highlighted sentences in the previous paragraphs.  We have links to both the WPC list as well as the WashingtonVotes website.