It's tragic, but nothing new when people are arrested for DUI on the highways and byways of America.  It's a whole different thing when it's on a RACETRACK!

Authorities report 49-year-old Tommy Grant Lathan was arrested following an incident at Anderson Speedway in Anderson, Indiana Saturday night.

Sunday, he was taken into custody after allegedly re-entering a sprint-car race the previous evening after he had been black-flagged, or disqualified.   Lathan had wrecked another driver, and was booted.

Track officials said he re-entered the race, and intentionally took out another car.   Officials smelled alcohol on his breath after the incident, and several witnesses have said they saw him drinking between races.   A blood alcohol sample was taken from Lathan and sent to the lab for testing.  Results have not been made public yet, but authorities had enough information and evidence to arrest him for DUI.

He has also been charged with one count of intimidation and criminal recklessness along with the DUI.   Sprint cars, as seen in the picture from the speedway, are one of the hardest race cars to drive due to their extreme responsiveness.   They're hard to control sober,  let alone drunk!

 Fortunately,  no one was injured in any of the crashes!