While not a lot of information has been released, authorities appear to be moving fast in the investigation of three bodies found South of Finley Saturday. (Crime are photo courtesy of KNDU-TV).

Around 6am, a farm worker discovered the bodies of 23-year-old Daniel Perez-Saucedo and 19-year-old Victoria Torres on a farm Southeast of Coffin Road and Nine Canyon Roads.    Authorities later found the body of 23-year-old Abigail Torres (no relation to other victim) nearby.

An autopsy is scheduled for Monday.   Due to what officials called the "complexity" of the situation,  little other information has been released, but they did say the public is not in danger, and they are seeking at least one suspect.    The deaths have been ruled a triple homicide.   Officials say they are moving quickly on the issue, but haven't said where the victims are from, or how they died.

UPDATE- John Hansens, Benton County Coroner, released the following statement Monday afternoon about the triple homicide:

'While I realize there is intense interest in the case involving the three individuals killed in rural Benton County this weekend, we will not be releasing any information on the case until at least 08-12-14 after 0900 hours.

This time delay is necessary to allow the completion of the autopsies and the correlation of information between the Coroner’s office and the Sheriff’s department.

To release information prematurely might hamper the investigation and in fairness to the victim’s and their family we wish to avoid this.

Please await a further e-mail notifying you of the time and place of the news release.'