Gov. Inslee, according to recent reports, has a new "friend" with lots and lots of money.

You've probably not heard of Tom Steyer.  He's a former hedge fund manager from California, who's out to 'save the world' from global warming.  He appears to have found a listening ear in Gov. Jay Inslee. And he's a billionaire.

According to Northwest Public Radio this week,  Inslee and Steyer met last May at a climate change fundraiser breakfast in Seattle.  Both Democrats, Inslee and Steyer now have an admitted "back channel" relationship that has, curiously, seen hundreds of millions of dollars be pumped into certain legislative races in our state.

Inslee admitted in an interview Steyer and he share the same views on climate change,  and in 2013 discussed an upcoming Washington state senate runoff race that could have tipped the balance of power in the legislature.   As it stands the GOP controlled Senate has been the only roadblock between Inslee and his climate change agenda.

Last summer, according to NPR,  money began flowing from California (Steyer) into a number of Political Action Committees (PAC's) dedicated to defeating Republican Jan Angel in her runoff race against Democrat incumbent Nathan Schlicher.  An Angel victory would have made it much harder for Inslee to get his climate change policy passed. Despite over $100 million in Steyer money,  Angel won the election.

According to NPR:

"Washington state Republicans quickly took note of the fact a liberal billionaire from California was playing in Washington’s political sandbox."

Gov. Inslee met with Steyer following that legislative defeat and sources say his involvement in our state's politics is not over, according to NPR:

"What is not yet known is whether Steyer’s 2014 crusade will include Washington state legislative races. Records show that in January, Steyer’s staff met with Inslee’s staff to discuss the “2014 landscape.”

NPR's report went on to say:

Steyer's political advisor, Chris Lehane, suggests the billionaire will continue to invest in Washington races. "This is designed to be a sustained effort to work with our friends in states like Washington, consistent with what they think is in the best interests of their state," says Lehane. (Bold lettering added for emphasis).

So we can safely draw the conclusion from this information that Gov. Inslee, instead of listening to business leaders, citizens, and other constituents, has decided to utilize out-of-state resources with deep pockets to push an unproven and costly agenda regardless of the consequences.   It appears Gov. Inslee cares more about his ideals and values than those of the people he is supposed to represent.

If there are any doubts as to his resolve to push through climate change policies that affect fuel, cars, pollution and the economy, consider Gov. Inslee's recent Executive Order that will eventually result in the creation of an expensive cap-and-trade policy for businesses, industry and perhaps even citizens in Washington state.