We at Newstalk 870 received this email from a company recently.At first read, we got a good laugh out of this, but then realized why companies now do this.  American Screening Corporation obviously included us in a mass-email about the products and services they offer for screening for drugs in the workplace, and at home.

The company offers the following (among it's many services):

  • tests for 'bath salts', one of the newest hallucinogenic drugs
  • tests for LSD
  • steroid hormone tests
  • alcohol

While offering home and personal services,  there is a significant section of their website devoted to corporate and business 'needs.'    Who hasn't seen signs in just about every company saying they test applicants for drugs? "If you use drugs, don't bother applying," is a common sign posted.

While realizing we received the email as part of a mass-marketing campaign,  it was humorous to see them send it to us.

But the sad reality is, companies began to test not only applicants but workers for drugs in many cases in the late 1980's, and the practice has become widespread in the last decade.  Prior to such testing, according to the website Employment Drug Testing, as many as 18 percent of workers in many companies were found to under the influence of some sort of narcotic or illegal substance.

U.S. government statistics claim drug abuse costs employers anywhere from $75 to $100 billion dollars in lost productivity, accidents, health care compensation and related costs. The government figures claim 65% of accidents on the job are related to drugs or alcohol!

So while initially we snickered over this email, upon further review, we are leaning towards it being a sad sign of the times,  and not funny at all.