Over the last couple of day's we've solicited YOUR opinion as to the upcoming Coroner's Inquest over the February 2015 fatal shooting of Antonio Zambrano.

After months of wrangling and searching for a venue, Franklin County Coroner Don Blasdel will be holding the trial-like inquest at CBC starting May 23rd. Complete with special prosecutor and a jury, this event will re-examine all the evidence, including the Special Investigations Unit report, and decide if charges should be brought against any of the official parties involved, namely the police.

The inquest is not legally binding, simply a re-examination of the facts.

Our informal poll was conducted on our Facebook page, we asked if the Coroner's Inquest was necessary?

After receiving dozens and dozens of answers and comments, the results were pretty clear:

100% of respondents said no, they are against the idea. Although there was a wide variety of comments, they can be divided into several distinct categories.

  • It's too late to serve any purpose. If the inquest had been held months ago, just after or during the SIU investigation, it 'might' have been justified. But not now.
  • Citizen fatigue and weariness.  Many respondents indicated they're tired of having the issue brought up again and again. They believe it's time to move on. Many said they're so sick of hearing about it, they stopped caring months ago.
  • Government is catering to special interest groups.  Some respondents said the only reason all this has happened is because of pressure from certain groups, and the government being politically correct. They said the SIU report and Inquest would not happen if the shooting victim had not been a minority.

Nonetheless, the inquest will begin May 23rd at CBC. Although the college donated use of a room, and the county will save thousands because the Columbia County Prosecutor volunteered to present the inquest, it will still cost some county taxpayer money. That fact was also a source of concern for many poll respondents.