President Obama's Middle East themed speech to the State Department will, in the words of BBC analyists, "make Israel furious."

In a long, broad address to the State Department, Obama outlined a number of points, including US support for the recent uprisings in Egypt, Yemen and other Middle Eastern countries.  While these uprisings are interpreted by Obama  as striving for free democratic societies, many experts believe they will also leave these nations without guidance, and open to political takeover and influence from radical Muslim factions.   Obama, in thinly veiled remarks, seemed to blame much of the US suffering (and the world) at the hands of terrorists on "failed policy" in the Middle East.   Obama also called for one of the solutions to the Israel-Palestinian conflict to be a border rollback to pre-1967 lines--before Israel took over portions of Palestinian land during the War of 1967  (Israel launched a pre-emptive attack against the forces of Egypt, Syria, Iran and Jordan after they began massing troops against Israel. Their armies and air forces were essentially destroyed by Israel in six days-the Six Day War).  BBC's Jeremy Brown says the Prime Minister Netanyahu led Israeli government will be furious over Obama's demands.  Israel took the lands in an effort to build a buffer against the Palestinian Liberation Organization, or PLO and their terrorist activities against the Jewish state.  Brown also says Obama appears to have thrown down a gauntlent to the Israeli government.    The US has been a staunch supporter of Israel, but these new policy suggestions and goals would bring the US much more in line with those of  European nations who are far less supportive of the Israeli government.   Some experts interpret Obama's ideas as being anti-Semetic and even supportive of  the Middle East regimes who would like to see Israel just go away.