Thanks to some diligent work, a graffiti "artist" has been caught.

A group of vets who visited the Vietnam Combat Memorial near the base of the Cable Bridge on Memorial Day found it had been tagged with an extensive amount of graffiti.

After an investigation, Kennewick police apprehended a 16-year old juvenile who admitted to the vandalism.   He has written a letter of apology to the veterans, and the case has been passed onto Benton County authorities for what is called a charging decision.

Kennewick police Sgt. Ken Lattin emphasizes this, and any other similar vandalism, will not be tolerated, and those who commit such acts will be prosecuted.

What many in the community found to be distasteful about the act was that it was committed on a memorial designed to honor those who served -and lost their lives- in Vietnam for our military.

Kennewick police and other Tri-City law enforcement agencies emphasize if anyone has tips about a crime, it can be confidentially reported by calling Tri Cities Crimestoppers at 509-586-8477 (TIPS).   Information directly leading to an arrest can result in a reward for those who provide tips.

While some view graffiti perpetrators as "artists",  authorities treat them the same as those who vandalize and destroy property.   If the graffiti is done on city property, the cleanup costs use up taxpayer dollars.