When the Kennewick Police Department found one of their SWAT armored vehicles was facing some unexpected repairs, they weren't sure how they were going to be able to cover it.

Kennewick has two of the armored personnel vehicles, "Bearcat", a newer model that was purchased with a federal grant; and "Peacekeeper," an older model.   Peacekeeper was found to be in need some unexpected and significant engine repairs to keep it in service.   These unexpected repairs were not in the city budget, and officials were not sure how they were going to be able to fix it.

However, officials with HAPO Community Credit Union stepped forward, and provided the funding for the vehicle to be repaired.

Monday, February 10th, both armored vehicles will be on public display in the East parking lot at the Kennewick Police Department, starting at 10am.   HAPO officials will also be present for the viewing.  These two vehicles are utilized by the Tri-Cities Regional SWAT team.  The police department is at 211 West 6th in downtown Kennewick.