Considering the source of this excellent editorial,  it's a pretty strong message to Gov. Inslee about trying to ramrod his environmental policy.

Much like his mentor in the White House,  Gov. Inslee has threatened to end-around the GOP led Senate Coalition when it comes to his low-carbon fuel standards.  After seeing virtually all of his environmental proposals get stalled in the legislature by this group of 26 Senators,  he's threatened to use the infamous Executive Order to implement these fuel standards.

Long story short, numerous studies - even the Governor's own - have shown forcing drivers to use new environmental fuels at the pump could raise gas prices anywhere from $1 to $1.27 - yes, the gas you and I use every day.

Mike Elliot, a labor union activist, and spokesman for the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen in Washington state, wrote an excellent piece in the Seattle Times Nov. 30th.     This is what he had to say about Inslee's possible actions (We've added bold lettering for emphasis of certain points):

"Should there be a balanced discussion or should we enact a standard without fully understanding its potential impacts? I believe anything with the potential to adversely affect jobs deserves a broader, more thorough discussion."

Elliot points out our economy isn't exactly the strongest in the country, and implementing policies that could potentially hurt jobs, transportation and industries isn't wise, without examining the potential effects.   He went on to say:

"Pump prices impact almost everyone and most every sector of our economy. Washington is the most trade-dependent state in the country and our fuel prices are some of the highest. How would higher fuel prices influence a new transportation package in Olympia? How would higher gas prices impact individuals, businesses, our trade-dependent economy and jobs? Is there a different — or better — way to produce similar results?

With this in mind, we need to carefully consider how additional influences, like a low-carbon fuel standard, might adversely impact pump prices and, ultimately, individuals, businesses, our trade-dependent economy and jobs."

This is one of the most thoughtful and well-written pieces on this issue, and worth a read for yourself.   To see the whole article, click here.

Considering Elliot comes from the union sector,  and their overall general support of Inslee, this comes across as a VERY strong "slow down" to the gung-ho environmental governor.