Following reports this week that a Level III sex offender was living in the apartments at the 600 Block of North Arthur,  we found out some back round information.

25-year-old Robert Lane Hammerly, who was convicted in 2009 in Benton County of communicating with a minor for immoral purposes, was reported to have taken up residence in the 600 Block of North Arthur,  near the intersection with Metaline St.  right across from Kamiakin High School.   This would have violated the terms of his release.

Level III offenders are considered highly likely to recommit offenses.

Upon observing that Hammerly was repeatedly seen in the vicinity, Kennewick police investigated.

They found an acquaintance had been allowing him to "flop" or spend a few nights in their apartment located at that vicinity.   Officers reached out to the landlord and tenant and informed them this type of "behavior" will not be tolerated, because it allows Hammerly to violate terms of his release - being too close to a school.

Sources told Newstalk 870 Thursday the landlord could potentially evict the tenant if they continue to allow Hammerly to stay here, not only for violating their landlord-tenant agreement but allowing a sex offender to violate the law.  There would be "significant" consequences for the parties directly involved.

Numerous citizens called in concerns to Kennewick police, because besides Kamiakin High School,  there are also two bus stops on Arthur that serve Vista Elementary and Highlands Middle School, the second stop  is very close to the apartments.

Hammerly is officially listed with Benton County as a "transient"  or 'homeless'  with authorities.  Because he is such,  he has to report weekly to authorities.

The information released about Hammerly was done to alert the neighborhood. Even though he cannot legally take up residence anywhere near KaHS,   it also allowed "pressure" to be applied to the apartment landlord, and anyone else who might potentially offer unlawful housing or assistance to him.

Kennewick police found out he was "illegally" staying in the apartments because of close surveillance done on all registered sex offenders by all Tri City and Mid Columbia law enforcement officials.