Luckily, the girl was able to "ditch" the guy and left him in Richland.

Kennewick police arrrested 22-year-old Andrew S. Krom after he allegedly held a 22-year-old female victim against her will in her car, and he reportedly threatened to kill her family.

August 16th, Krom left a threatening message on the voicemail of 22-year-old Rachael Boatwright of Kennewick, saying he was going to kill her family, parents and boyfriend.  In the early hours of Sunday, the 17th, she met up with him but he intimidated her and she told police she felt she could not leave him as they drove around Kennewick.

He also allegedly make more threats during the drive, but she was finally able to get him out of the car in Richland, and drove away.  Police later found Krom near the Target Store in Kennewick on Columbia Center Blvd.  He is in the Benton County jail on a 72-hour hold for unlawful imprisonment, and facing possible felony harassment charges.