When they said it brought out all sorts of weapons, Seattle officials weren't kidding!

A gun buyback event in Seattle Saturday turned into a free-for-all according to police officials. While most of the people in line turned in what amounted to 716 weapons, sources say dozens more sold their guns to private buyers hanging around the fringes of the event.

Authorities claim they witnessed sale after sale between people. Police said they don't know if the people buying or selling the guns were legally able to possess them, or if they were even registered!

But the most disturbing discovery was that a Stinger surface-to-air missile launcher changed hands between two men outside the venue! Seattle police claim they saw the exchange of the spent military weapon. The weapon in question had already been fired, and did not contain the actual rocket. It was just the tube assembly, but used weapons are not allowed to be sold to the public through any kind of surplus program.

Police and military officials said the man allegedly paid $100 for the weapon; they did not say if such weapons can be re-loaded for future use.

Authorities are reportedly trying to track the Stinger. After, it will be taken to Fort Lewis in Tacoma where military officials will try to determine if it was stolen from the U.S. government!

The gun buyback program was called a success by Seattle officials, who paid anywhere from $100 to $200 for guns, depending on if it was a handgun or a weapon that could be considered an assault rifle. They handed out over $70,000 in gift cards to the participants -- no doubt paid for with tax dollars.