Seattle Drinking Straw and Plastic Utensil Ban Now in Effect
July 1st, Seattle became the first major U.S. city to actually ban the dispensing and use of  plastic standard drinking straws as well as plastic forks, under a new law designed to reportedly reduce the amount of garbage that ends up in the city's water ways and streets...
Amazon Fires First ‘Shot’ in Shocking Tax War with Seattle
The Seattle City Council likes to eat it's bread winners, or bite the hand that employs the most people in the city.
On the heels of the highly controversial "head tax" being proposed, Amazon has now halted expansion plans and could likely look elsewhere for a new headquarters,…
Controversial Soda Tax Could Possibly Spread Statewide
On the heels of the controversial Seattle soda tax that went into effect in 2018, now a similar bill has been introduced by House Democrats that would expand this bill statewide.
The original sponsor is House Representative Marcus Ricelli, from the 3rd District in Spokane...

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