To many it is a scene reminiscent of the French Government Prior to the Revolution of the 18th century-let them eat cake.

Michelle Obama showed up at a Texas fundraiser in Houston sporting $42,000 diamond wristbands, or bangles as some call them.  One cuff alone, speckled with 2.9 carat diamonds, was worth $15k.  It was yet another example of the Obama's showing off extravagance admidst a nation who's unemployment rate continues to stubbornly hang around 9.0-9.4 percent. This, on the heels of the Obama's extended Labor Day Vacation in Martha's Vineyard where the Prez. and First Lady took separate jets to arrive there.  Meanwhile, according to the Associate Press, the effects of the  recession that ended around 2009 have been lingering.  Job prospects for adults 18-34 are regarded as dim, and according to Census Bureau information, many young job seekers are not relocating and starting careers.  With the numerous attempts by the Feds to jumpstart the economy, the opposite has happened.  The number of 18-34 adults who are living with parents has risen by 25% since 2009, and the number of same adults relocating and starting new careers is the lowest since WWII.  Economists say these data are the result directly of a poor economy, and dismal job and career futures for what some experts are calling "the lost recession generation."