Inslee's overall grade was a little higher than that of the legislature, but neither marks are stellar.

A newly-released independent poll shows if the election were held today, less than a third of registered voters would cast their ballot for Gov. Jay Inslee.  The survey, conducted by noted independent pollster Stuart Elway, shows Inslee received an overall grade of "C" by voters, while the legislature got a "D". But only 30 percent said they were likely to re-elect the governor.  Some 502 registered voters were utilized in the poll, which has a plus-minus of about 4.5 percent.

Despite his dismal numbers however, only 25% of those polled said they would vote for a Republican challenger.  No specific reasons were given for the low grades of Inslee or the legislature, but it could be presumed the two marathon legislative sessions needed to hammer out out a budget contributed to the House and Senate marks.

As for Inslee, his penchant for putting controversial and expensive environmental projects ahead of job creation and economic growth have given him black eyes on more than one occasion.  His broken campaign promise of 'no new taxes' (widely reported by the media) hasn't helped him either.

Especially with conservative voters, his recent declaration of support for Planned Parenthood in the wake of accusations of illegally selling aborted fetal body parts won't help either.   Some say the poll is a reflection of the frustration and disenchantment voters have with the legislators and governor of our state.