This is the second such complaint filed by the Bechtel-URS worker.

In 2011, Donna Busche filed a complaint against Hanford contractors Bechtel and URS, saying she experienced retaliation and other forms of harassment over voicing concerns about the design of the VIT plant at Hanford, designed to turn hazardous radioactive and chemical waste into glass logs, which would then be stored at a secure facility.

Busche is one of several whistle blowers who say they've experienced retaliation, unfounded criticism, and even isolation in the workplace after voicing their concerns over safety issues in the design.  Walter Tomasaitis, a 44-year veteran of Hanford, was laid off by URS.  He claims retaliation, the company said it was downsizing.

A number of other scientists and workers have voiced concerns about certain elements of the plant's design, questioning if the plan will safely process the highly volatile and varied waste properly and safely.

Busche, a nuclear safety manager, says since filing her original complaint, she has experienced continued harassment, isolation, exclusion and unwarranted criticism.  Her new complaint has been filed with U.S. Department of Labor.

This news comes on the heels of today's Newstalk870 story about a scathing review of the VIT plant process that portrayed it has having become "dysfunctional."